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Seasonal Patriot Lyrics - Singles - Far From Finished

Hangin' on the streets of Easty 

Watchin' the cars as they pass me by 

Well the neighborhood's so alive 

There ain't no doubt in my mind 

That it's this here place and time 

The only place I wanna be 



It's the streets, it's the youth of America 

It's my time, it's my place in America 

Why 'ya hanging them up just to tear them back down 

50 stars and thirteen stripes 

No longer wave in October nights 

Lady liberty you're still the one for me 


Kickin' one back in Easty 

Watching as all my problems pass me by 

Well I'm doing just fine 


You were there when the outlook was good 

But the problems mounted up 

And you broke like I knew you would 

Like I knew you would 

Are you remember?


Artist: Tc


Artist: Ed Sheeran

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