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Those Never Forgotten Lyrics - Singles - Far From Finished

Met Jimmy at the colony blue 

It's been 2 years since I've seen you 

He sat me down and he told me the truth 

And I'm here now because of you 

Little things that get me through 

It's a phone call out of the blue 

Those are the words that touched my heart 

Won't never forget when he said 


I wanna believe in something - something deep inside of me 

If I look out for them will they look out for me 

I wanna know - are you ready for the dawn of a new day 

And we'll march together or none at all 


Years later on a mission hill 

In a dirty old bar I found my will 

A 12oz bottle and a quick remark 

It was an open door to his heart 

He took us in without a fight 

And under the stars we talked all night 

Wasn't a hotel it was a place called home 

Found my way and I'll never be alone 

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