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I'd Tell You But I'd Have To Kill You Lyrics - Singles - Far From Heroes

To think you wouldn't notice, to think you wouldn't figure me out 

To think of going on, when the battle is so long 

Let me out 

Haven't been discovered, never will recover 

Let me out 


A skeleton in your closet, knocking at the door 

Always wanting more, always wanting more 

Picking up the pieces and cleaning up the mess 

Never will confess, and disregard the rest 


Always change the subject, draw attention from the object 

Don't give in, you'll never know the story 

You'll never truly know me so give up 

Haven't been discovered 


We ate the fruit from the forbidden tree 

I killed my brother out of jealousy 

We can't explain, why we feel nothing but pain 

We took the shirt right off your back 

We stole your weapons then planned to attack 

We can't explain why we're feeling only pain 

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