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Say A Prayer Lyrics - Singles - Far From Heroes

Walking among us 

No one knows he never shows his face into the light 

And every shadow screams with fear just as he walks by 

The crowd would part in to the sea and drown in misery 

Drown in misery 


Sell your soul for silver 

The time has come now to deliver 

Reflecting lies by acting shy 

Reflecting lies don't try to justify 


Into the desert 


His mind his body, spirit and his soul 

He's cursed forever 


Hell never show his face into the light 

His one ambition 

Power, greed, hang from a tree 

Betrayed you with a kiss 

When everybody welcomed him into discipleship 

Betrayed you with a kiss 


Hold on to every word, watch every single movement 

And put it down on paper then say a prayer. 

Sit around the table, pass around the bread and wine 

Blessing every written line then say a prayer. 

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