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The Tallest Tale Lyrics - Singles - Far From Heroes

Where can we go, what can we do 

We're lost, alone, removed, confused 

Let down and torn apart 

Seek knowledge from the heart 

Rework the illustrations, we are a new creation 


Searching for the tower where the bells ring on the hour, 

where the present and the future don't look sour. 

We're telling everyone we know so we can say that everybody knows, 

can't feed a hungry mouth when it's closed 


Teach lies, why try 

Give up, give in 

Pretend, turn heads 

Keep up, sink in 

Misguided from the start 

Seek wisdom from the heart 

You can try your best to please us 

We'll bite the hand that feeds us 


Just when our time was running out, and patience wearing thin, 

We start again, where to begin 

There's room for many more if you can fit into the mold 

But don't come in, go chase the wind 

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