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5 Hours Lyrics - No Point In Wasting Tears - Ironik

It's been 5 hours since you, 

It's been 5 hours since you, 

It's been 5, it's been 5, it's, it's, it's, 

It's been 5 hours since you left, you left (x4) 



It's been 5 hours 

I've been waiting for time 

I thought you was coming back 

And I really thought you was mine 

But I guess you've just been lyin' 

I ain't the type to start cryin' 

I'm feeling so down 

I think I'm gonna break down 

Is this a dream, 'cause you've left me 

I never saw it ending like this believe me 

'Cause I never did wrong and you was happy with my family 

So I guess I'll have to sit and wait 

I guess I'll have to see 




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It's been 5 hours since you left, you left (x4) 



It's been 5 hours at least let me say goodbye 

'Cause I don't know why you've left me 

I'm all alone now 

Hoping your on your way back home now 

And your takin' time 

But I don't know why I can't keep my feelings inside 

I thought it was us forever 

I thought it was ride or die forever 

You've let me know the deal for time and lead me on I swear 

I feeling down but I'll be your man and not let out a tear 

I will be waiting here and now our haters laugh and cheer 

Before I didn't feel it but now I do truly really care 


It's been 5 hours since you left, you left (x4) 


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(Ironik speaking) 

Crazy, I can't believe she ain't come back yet 

I'm grand, I think I'm gonna pack my bags man 

I'm leaving, you ain't gonna see me no more 

I ain't waiting around, I got better things to do 

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