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Save A Little Love Lyrics - No Point In Wasting Tears - Ironik


On account of you I'm guilty 

I'm not even surprised that you want to leave 

You're telling me your heart feels empty 

I can't commit to you right now 




One day you're gonna be mine 

Take the right step when I'm up you're down 

If it's right that I went and left you alone 

Baby does care for me Nina Simone 

Yes good reception without needing a phone 

Somethings wrong 

Cupid's arrow don't work it's like he's in need of a chrome 

To shoot me and make me bleed love 

Paint pictures to make me see love 

Throught the picture a frame and let me dream love 

Actually let me dream you 

My heart's broken sorta like T2 

But if I'm in a G5 I'll breeze through 

I can't help but let emotions seep through 

Can't see me why not am I invisible 

I'm a criminal if love's a crime 




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I know it may seem 

I'm not the man you need 

Promise me one thing 

Save a little love for me (x2) 







I don't like to spend but your love I'll buy 

Save your tears ain't worth the cry 

It's too expensive ain't worth the time 

See honey you came from a bee 

If you come to my hive i'mma make you sweet 

Even a little love i'mma make you keep 

All up in your knees i'mma make you weak 

Like SWV sing a long with me 


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In time one day you're gonna be 

be, mine, and I don't wanna see you cry no no 

Baby I've waited my whole life yeah 

So please understand me yeah 


I know it may seem 

I'm not the man you need 

Promise me one thing 

Save a little love for me (x2) 


I hope it's not to much for me to ask 

But everyday I pray I our love will last 

I guess that only time can tell us that 

So I'll just wait and see if you save your love for me 



Save a little love for me 

For Me 

For me 

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