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I Wanna Be Your Man Lyrics - No Point In Wasting Tears - Ironik

Yeah 1, 2, 

I'm In Da Booth Ryte Now, 

It's Ironik Yeah, 

Ironik Productions, 

Ironik On The Vocals, 

And It's Ryte Now Volume 1, 

I Swear Man, 

Big Up The Ladies Innit, 

Check It, 

I Want You Lot To Listen To The Lyrics Yeah, 

U Know The Deal Ryte Now, 

It's Ironik, 

Let Me Just Speak To Them, 





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Look, Look, 

My First Love Was Hot Like Jamaica, 

Doidnt Care Wot Ma Boys Sed, 

I Wanted To Take Her, 

And Wen She Was Nothing, 

I Wanted To Make Her My W.I.F.E.Y, 

Yes Me, 

We Went Together Like Peaches And Cream, 

And Teachers And Teens, 

And Shoes And Jeans, 

And I Sed Tht, 

Cause We Was So Sophisticated, 

On The First Date, 

I Was Late, 

But You Still Waited, 

I Wasn't Late On Purpose, 

I Swear 2 You, 

You Know I've Made Mistakes In The Past, 

But I'm There For You, 

I Didn't No Time Went So Fast, 

It's Mad B, 

We Broke Up, 

But I Wanna Be Your Man B, 


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I Wanna Be Your Man 

I Wanna Be Your Man 

I Wanna Be Your Man 

I Wanna Be Your Man 


Look, Cause I Want You 2 Much, 

Your Too Much To Touch, 

Baby Your Too Buff, 

2 2's 

We Both Do 2 Mch, 

And We Both Know I Held You Down Like A Clutch, 

So Please Don't Rush, 

Into A Next Relationship, 

Remember The Days We Spent Together, 

From 11am Til 6, 

And U See You Yeah, 

I Like You 2 Bits, 

I Ain't Ready For The Quits, 

So Please Don't Quit It, 

It Will Be Fixed, 

Our Relationship I Wrote It, 

Down In A Tune, 

Now U Hear It, 

You've Heard It, 

You Can Have Your Verdict, 

But Ya Love I've Earnt It, 

So U Shud Take Your Time, 

And Still Fink About It Man, 


I Wanna Be Your Man 

I Wanna Be Your Man 

I Wanna Be Your Man 

I Wanna Be Your Man 

I Wanna Be Your Man 

I Wanna Be Your Man 

I Wanna Be Your Man... 

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