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Emerald Island Lyrics - Njord (limited Edition) - Leaves' Eyes

Iathghlas Oile├ín i mo chroi 

Fan liom go deo 

Green Eden 

Green Eden 


Emerald Island 

Can you hear me calling 

Emerald Island 

Can you hear me mourning 


I turn around, I watch her disappearing 

My path my life and soul 

The ground of all my hopes 

Stay with me, stay with me 




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Hardly dare I to behold 

The shore is turning small 

She's fairer than the sun 

Lovelier than any crown 

Stay with me, stay with me 


My heart has drown resolute 

My courage valiant 

My strength may wish to turn 

Through my spirit is awake 

You hold my soul, I hold his soul 

I hold his soul 




His heart filled with resolution 

His courage valiant 

My his strength, never turn him down 

For his spirit is guiding him 

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