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Ragnarok Lyrics - Njord (limited Edition) - Leaves' Eyes

Chariots are leaving 

I see the leaves falling 

Winter and coldness 

Freezing the rain 



Savage winter 

Wolves chasing 

The sun and the moon 


Heimdall blow your horn 

Ragnarok will end us all 

The voice of chaos screaming 

Through the halls of Åsgård 

Gods awaiting the end of the world 

The end of all 




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Life stops breathing 

I watch the flowers wither 

Tyr fighting in vain 

Groaning with pain 


Nidhug dragen 

Gnawing at the roots of Yggdrasil 


Heimdall blow your horn 

Loki's army shatters all 


Gods awaiting the end of the world 

The end of all 



The throes of pain screaming 

Through the plains of Vigrid 

Gods awaiting the end of the world 

The end of all 




Downfall of the gods 

World serpent raises into the waves 

Ragnarok will end us all 

Evil call crushes all 

Last army rides 


Wintres woma þonne won cymeð 

Norðan onsendeð 


Blackness strangles the daybreak 

Winter shouting with thunder 

Bloodshed, murders, ruins 

Gods and goddesses plunder 

The end of everyone and everything 

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