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Njord Lyrics - Njord (limited Edition) - Leaves' Eyes

The God of Storms will you hear me 

The shore is close but I fear it 

Fjord, I am lost on my course Gardarike 

Caught in a fiery temper 


Njord, when you touch the earth 

With golden sun rays 

Njord, your white palace embraced in gold 

Vanir God, I am Njord 


Send me waves like silk from the east 

Njord and skin of a maiden's cheeks 

Nine wave maidens arise 


The ruler of winds will you save me 

My hopes are strong but you guide me 

I am lost on my course to Gardarike 

Caught in a stormy weather 




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Storm lay down your sword 

Silence your breath 

Allay your tempest now 

Ægir, be aware, be aware 

Sea be calm and clear tonight 

Silence your waves, Njord 



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