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Force Of Pandemonium Lyrics - Sheol - Naglfar

See, disaster is spreading from nation to nation 

Now the great yellow tempest bears witness of annihilation... of death 

Worthless replicas made to adore 

Your scattered herd are a sign of times forlorn 

As wolves we come with murder in mind to wipe our your kind 

Blood shall smear the earth, and the children of heaven will mourn 

Gaia, your soil bleeds black 

Your womb shall be the massgrave for all of humankind 

Rake up the sheltering heavens and spatter the light of that hated sun 

Tarnish the symbols of god and defile his bastard son 

Hear this anthem that speaks of your fall 

The force of pandemonium shall bring the end to you all 

Mother of chaos from times before time 

Awake from your slumber, come punish the blind 

Great dragon of old in black sleep so cold 

Your stygian splendour possesses our souls 

Worthless replicas breathing no more 

Your slaughtered herds are a sign of times forlorn 

As wolves we came with murder in mind and wiped out your kind 

Blood has cleansed the earth and the children of heaven lies tatterered and torn 

Wake up those dwelling in darkness 

Call them swarming from the vortex of souls 

Open the gateways of sheol 

See the return of the cursed gods from below 

Now kneel before the sons of damnation 

The sworn enemies of gods dead creation