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Unleash Hell Lyrics - Sheol - Naglfar

I've seen the place where they meet, I know where it lies 

Where ancient demons gather, where angels die... 

The darkest pits of the abyss, where flames burns bright 

Where satan reigns in terror, there's eternal night 

I invoke the elder to lead me, into that place 

Drain myself from blood, and drown in sulphur grace 


I read the signs and blackened the earth with the magic of mine 

I saw the gates of hell open wide... 


In the depths I arise in fury, I'm led through hell 

We perform unspeakable deeds, we're the ones who fell 

In my hands the blades of death, I wil take your life 

Then slit your throat, with lucifer's knife 

I'm crowned with fire, await my final turn 

Perish in flames, burn... burn... burn! 


A land of darkness, I saw it in a dream 

A desolate landscape, where evil reigns supreme 

Give to us your life, I lead you to that place 

Of non existing light, beoynd time and space 

I'll take you to the place where they meet, show you where it lies 

Where satan's soldiers gather, where christians die 

Deep in my subconsious, my enemies fall prey 

The twisted and the wicked, serve me and obey