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Catarax Lyrics - Singles - Reveille

you'd better back up off this sucker punch 

consequence, consequence- 

fuck it, no more waiting for the world to turn 

bloody as my smile dripping ear to ear 

i haven't lived for a moment and think it's too damn late to learn 

so just flush it down 

lie down- forever never had a dream 

asymmetric reflection of my soul to sell 

now disinfect yourself, i'll just pretend to scream 

got a low self-esteem from all these guileful lies 

carry me there- i can't stand to stand on my own 

but i'd rather be hated than forgotten 

'cause it's a long way down and it's a long way home 


cataract scratch- we don't play like that 

i got a bone to pick n' i'm a pick that bone 

cataract scratch- we don't play like that 

because we can't stand to stand on our own 


they always said to keep my head on my shoulders, 

both feet on the ground 

been living more like one foot in the gave 

tell myself everything i need to hear 

time to face the music because it's all based on what you crave 

fiction addiction 

outer darkness is calling, it's your goodnight kiss 

666 ways to fall 

catarax will blind but can you hear this? 

for every sin there's a time to burn 

it's near too late so don't press your luck 

now focus- do you really know what i mean, 

and do you really think you'll be forgiven- 

'cause i think i'm fucked 


when it rains it pours, we tug of war within 

we talk of endlessness 

we cry to purge our sins 

atoned to rebegin, eliminate the scars 

fuck the sky or merely count the stars 

with every shade of night descending into me 

i'm in the dark for life but now at least i'm free- 

from my own apathy and from my own decay 

i'm unremissible now but i got my way 

so now can you see me inside of you? 

guide me through- 

because tomorrow will fuck you too