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Down To None Lyrics - Singles - Reveille

welcome to my revelation, reanimation 

my anthem of regret- 

two steps from my evisceration 

my destination- where the rain meets the dust 

and my only separation from my pain is my trimulus 

and plus my self-distrust, disgust 

i must confess that when i rush i bust- 

no rest 'cause everything's a test 

we're bringing just enough stress to keep this microphone in check 

and if you read between my lie i'll take you step by step by step 

protect yourself, it's day to day for life 

2001nails driven into Jesus Christ 

too many sleepless nights 

i feel my head go numb 

a tangled web brought a spider bite that's counting me down to none 


never say never, never lie, never cry wolf 

fuck it to infinity 

now run it like a toll booth 

cold truth, all work and no play make you sick 

spittin' psycho-dellic hits all up in your trip 

now i gotta get a grip, between the cracks we slide 

they been tainting the view with holy matricide 

i run the override, so back on up the track 

acquisition ammunition, demolition of the facts 

hypochondriac, prepare to end your pain 

take a look inside and ride the nowhere train 

come drain my rain away, insane today, behold oblivion 

'cause i was born with a thousand dreams and I'm down to none