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Unborn Lyrics - Singles - Reveille

you better check your pulse, 

i think the hearse went by 


shut the fuck up and listen 

before you're down to nothing without a pot to piss in 

your missing the point that i'm mapping on this chart- 

everything we could be, everything we're not 

come on, give it all you got 

all i've got is an excuse, 

a noose for my hurt- feel it jerking me loose 

been lathing abuse and it's breaking me up 

i'm bordering final and enough's enough 

you keep sucking on your own dick, your bound to break your neck 

i think that i detect a sick sign of self respect 

what did i expect, i expected so much more from myself 

now why can't i open my eyes? 

i think i'm fucking dead 


we all fall, we all, we all fall down 

we all fall, we're all falling, falling down 

crucified, purified lullaby- unborn 


dressed like a costume party, everybody in disguise 

see the mask on your face but it won't hide your eyes 

my demise marks my birth, unborn into light 

now you wanna take me, 

show me wrong from right? 

well you can kiss my paraphilia 

and you can kiss my sadicide 

i wanna thank you for your welcome 

let me carve the shit out from inside 

it's only a dream, cry yourself back to sleep 

let your mind seep down where all secrets keep 

deep beneath the calm surface a serpents eyes open wide- 

a breath of death in its lies 



unborn and i'm born again 


that old man, damn, he sure can talk 

he said that i fucked jesus in a trailer park 

n' that ain't the truth, it was in the ritz hotel 

i wore a condom so i wouldn't burn in hell 


maybe i'm dead 


denial still stings in these lifeless eyes