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Ain't No Saguaro In Texas Lyrics - Laughin' And Cryin' With Reverend Horton Heat - Reverend Horton Heat

There's something that's been bugging us Texans. 

And It's time that we set the record straight. 

Concerning a species of cacti. 

That grows in a whole different state. 


The cactus in questions' called saguro. 

It's tall with big arms in the air. 

And if you've ever traveled in Texas. 

I'm sorry but you won't see them there. 


Hollywood and mis-informed artists. 

Made the saguro a Texas Icon. 

But the saguro only grows in Arizona. 

Where people've got em' out on their lawn. 


I love the sonora desert. 

I'll bet people there are glad I'm telling you. 

That the saguro only grows in Arizona. 

And part of Northern Mexico too. 



There ain't no saguro in Texas. 

It's not the kind of cactus we've got. 

But somehow we're stuck with this image. 

And changing it is gonna take a lot. 


Folks in Mexico and Arizona. 

Are probably glad that I've cleared the air. 

There ain't no saguro in Texas. 

But we've sure got a lot of prickly pair. 

*End Chorus* 


Yes it's true that we've got a lot of desert. 

But we've got a lot of piney forests too. 

Hundreds of miles of beaches. 

Hollywood just doesn't have a clue. 




Theres prickley pair of cactus in Texas 

Those coleos' are sure good with eggs. 

Boots are required footwear. 

So cactus needles won't stick your legs. 


Longhorns and blue bonnet flowers. 

Lima trees and great barbeque. 

Rattail and coral cactus. 

Mesquite trees' and peyote too. 

Yee Haw! 



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