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Death Metal Guys Lyrics - Laughin' And Cryin' With Reverend Horton Heat - Reverend Horton Heat

Rockabilly guys like hot rod cars 

They like hot women and their neighborhood bar 

Death metal guys will grow long hair 

Work real hard to have an evil stare 

They're kind of medieval, those death metal guys 


Jerry Lee Lewis shot his bass player down 

Down to the ground with a .38 round 

But death metal guys would have eaten his brains 

And people call Jerry Lee Lewis insane 


Rockabilly guys like rockabilly chicks 

Death metal guys think they're all country hicks 

But death metal guys still live with their mom 

On the Internet learning how to embalm 

So they go kill a dog, those death metal guys 


It's really kind of hard to live in harmony 

Hot rod cars and blasphemy 

Hair in your face or hair way up high 

I'm a rockabilly cat, not a death metal guy