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Blank Space Parody Lyrics - Singles - Shane Dawson

My girlfriend got into my car, 

Told me to listen to her new CD. 

What the fuck are you smoking, 

Do I look 14? 

"No, trust me. 

It's so great. 

I'm totally #Teamtaytay. 

Come on just give it a play." 

Later on I dropped her off. 

She left her new Taylor CD. 

So I decided to put it on. 

What's the worst that could happen? 

Oh my God, 

What a sick beat. 

Her voice sounds so soft and sweet. 

All these lyrics are relating to me. 

I can listen to this til' my life ends. 

So I listen while I'm lifting, 

She gives me energy. 

And I listen in the shower, 

When I'm making love to me. 

I listen when I'm hurting, 

Her ballads are everything. 

It's like I'm never lonely, 

Like she's my best friend. 

She's always tweeting, 

Inspirational quotes. 

And then I read them, 

At the time I need them most. 

I think about her when I'm, 

Having sex with my girlfriend. 

Because she is my soulmate. 


I've gotta make a plan. 

1st I have to get rid of my current girlfriend. 

I have to make it look like it was an accident like, 

Hey Lisa, 

Get in here quick. 

Your dog is barfing, I think it's sick. 

Oh no there is so much blood. 



Now I don't have a girlfriend. 

Hey Taylor, here I come. 

I got your address, thanks to 

I've got your favorite flowers. 

A tattoo of your name. 

I hope you feel the same baby, 

Cause I'm on my way. 

Oh, you look so cute up in your bedroom. 

Oh, I can't wait to be up their with you soon. 

"Hey sir, who are you? Can I help you?" 

Sure, smell these flowers. 

Don't you think they smell good? 

(Stabbing sounds) 


Now I'm opening the front door. 

I think I smell her scent. 

Now I'm checking out the nicknacks. 


We both like Titanic. 

And then I here a loud scream. 

I turn around and I see, 

It's my beautiful Taylor. 

Tay-lor, it's me. 

Then she runs away screaming. 

Lol, she's so funny. 

She locks herself in the bathroom. 

guess we're playing Hide-&-seek. 

Oh, silly Taylor, baby, 

I can hear you breathe. 

Hey, remember your hit song, 

'You Belong With Me'? 

So she runs to the bedroom. 

She's playing hard to get. 

I get destracted by the closet. 

She looks so pretty in red. 

Hey Taytay, can you wear this, 

The first time we make love? 

Just give me a kiss, baby. 

You'll feel the same. 

Hugh, I didn't feel a connection, did you? 


What? Weird. 

Cause I was thinking, I was thinking we were gonna, you know. But, well. 

Just one more thing. 

I guess I was all wrong. 

Maybe we're not soulmates. 

I miss read the situation, 

I have another destiny. 

I'm not supposed to be with her, 

I'm supposed to be her. 

But, I can't be her. 

So I'll just wear her face. 





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