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The One That Got Away (turned You Gay) Lyrics - Singles - Shane Dawson

It Started in Summer of 93 

You use to come to my house and visit 


I let you play with Barbies 

And we' Baked cookies 


And then you came over on Halloween 

I was Mary Kate and you were Ashley 

That Christmas i got you posters of Jay T.T 




I Think i crossed the Line 

You Got To Close To Me 

You even helped me organize my bachelorette party 

You were my Best Friend 

With Me Everyday 




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And Now They're gonna say 

I'm The One That Turned You Gay 

the one, the one, the one 

The one that Turned You Gay 


Gonna get some strippers to come over tonight 


Maybe big fake boobies change your mind 



I'm gonna burn all your gay CD's 


I hope you start liking VG's 

"Baby One More Time" 

Used to be our Jam 

How was i supposed to know it made you like a man? 




You Always kicked my ass 

when we would color eggs 

We both cried when Rubin Won 

'Cause we we're both Clay-Bates 


I'm the one that turned you gay 

the one, the one, the one, 

The One that turned you gay 

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