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Don't Give A Fuck Lyrics - Suicidal For Life - Suicidal Tendencies

I don't give a shit 

I don't give a fuck 

I don't give a shit 

We don't give a fuck 


Your opinion don't mean shit to me 

And your shit is about to fall 

Your rationale isn't rational 

Like bungie jumping off a 6 foot wall 

I don't give a shit 




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Your right and wrong to me is all wrong 

And you'll pay if you do me wrong 

Politically correct means tag along stupid 

And I don't ever tag along 

We don't give a fuck 


What I am is who I am and I'm proud of who I am 

C'est la vie cause to me comes naturally 

I don't give a shit 


I ain't afraid of the present 

I ain't ashamed of my past 

And my future's locked in real tight 

I don't give a shit 


The guns aren't loaded and the fists aren't clenched 

But I've taken up a brand new fight 

I don't give a fuck 




Hip ain't hip and cool ain't cool 

But a fool is definitely a fool 

New ain't new it is just new to you 

But the truth is sad that's true 


I don't give a shit 

I don't give a fuck 

We don't give a fuck, no! 

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