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Evil Lyrics - Suicidal For Life - Suicidal Tendencies

Evil evil evil 

You make me feel so 

Evil evil evil 

You make me wanna get 


I tried to shield my soul from you 

But your evil sleeped on thru 

Cause you're evil 

I tried to hide in thought but I always end up caught 

Thinking about getting evil evil 

I don't know why I fight this feeling 

When I should take it out on you 




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Evil evil evil 

You make my thoughts turn to 

Evil evil evil 

You make me wanna get 


Delaying the suspense, destroy all innocence 

And my thoughts turn to evil evil 

Cooking up the hate du jour, the symptom is the cure 

And I'm gonna get evil evil 

It's the last thing that I wanted 

But it's the first thing I should get 

Make mine evil locked in evil 




As my resistance is spent my actions get all bent 

And it's time to get evil evil 

My morals reach the junction 

Where my conscience stops its function 

And I'm gonna get evil evil 

It's the last thing I was thinking 

So it's thing that I'll do 


Evil evil evil evil 

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