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24 Hours Lyrics - Singles - Cueshe

I've been lying here and wide awake 

Til the night dies out and day to break 

Every minute seems like endless hours 

When I'm with you 


I miss your eyes, your smile, and lovely face 

I can't forget your sweet embrace 

We both could share our endless dreams if you were here 


Doesn't matter if I'm alone 

I got a place I call my own 

I don't care if you're away 

Coz I know you'll be back someday, 



I guess its better if we were off that way 

We'll find ourselves and come what may 

If I could have one wish then I will beg 

For you to stay 





I've been lying here and wide awake 

The sun has gone for the moon to take 

I never thought that we could end like this 

Wish you were here 



Are you remember?


Artist: Scarlet