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Sorry Lyrics - Singles - Cueshe

In life nothings certain 

Youll never know when itll happen 

Some burn out while some fade away 

It doesnt matter were heading that way 


If I had the time 

Ill spend it with you 


Time gets you old and weary 

Like a lifeless ordinary 

Some burn out while some fade away 

I dont want you to go 

I want you to stay 


If I could turn back the time 

Id spend it with you 


I want you to know 

Even though youre gone 

That Im drowning in tears 


I wish you were here 

And hear me say 

Believe me, Im sorry 


Feels like everythings undone 

Peace of mind still I havent found 

And time will heal those broken mends 

I know it will come, but when will it end 

Are you remember?


Artist: Converge

Jet Pac

Artist: Eve 6