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A Little While Later Lyrics - Charity Ball - Fanny

A Little While Later We Drifted Off To Sleep 

Still Puzzled By Our Conversation 

We'd Been A Long Time Talking 

I Was Getting In Too Deep 

Or Maybe Just Too Far Above My Station. 


You Tried To tell Me A Fairy Tale Or Two 

In Twisted Words Beyond My Reason 

Now Your Coach Is Waiting 

There's Nothing I Can Do 

And I Think It's Time That You Were Leaving. 


It's Not That You Gave Me The Only Thing I Need 

Nor Yet The Only Love I've Tasted 

But I'd Mistaken The Plans You Made For Me 

And It's A Shame To See Them Wasted. 


Oh - And I Ain't Got A Hand To Guide Me 

Oh - And I Ain't Got A Friend Beside Me 

Oh - And I Do Need A Place To Hide Me 

From All Of The Troubles That Bother My Head. 


For Some Time Lately I've Been Noticing A Chage 

In The Way You Feel About Me 

It Doesn't Bother Me Greatly It Isn't Very Strange 

I Knew You'd Learn To Live Without Me. 


You Say You Want Me To Give Some Time To You 

To Set Your Thoughts A Little Straighter 

I Do Believe You Believe Me Yes I Do 

Still I Would Like To See You Later 




repeat first verse 

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