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Place In The Country Lyrics - Charity Ball - Fanny

Standing on a hilltop, wishing on a quick star 

Enemies all around me 

Got to make a rest stop, wonder where my friends are 

It's about time they found me 

I'm caught in the middle of a shooting war 

And I can't ever gather what I'm fighting for 

And I hate to imagine what they've got in store 

Somebody put the heat on me 

Who could it be? 


Stranded by the seaside, waiting out the high tide 

Taking a short vacation 

Wading through the hot crowd, laughing at 'em out loud 

Crying in desperation 

I'm caught in the current and I'm going down 

And I ain't got a will and I'm about to drown 

And I hope they can forward all my bag to town 

Somebody's out to blow my mind 

They're doing fine 


All I need is some time to myself 

And a place in the country 


Waiting by the highway, people going my way 

Making like they ignore me 

Running from the rat race, smiling with a false face 

Searching the road before me 

I'm hot on the trail of something I can't find 

And I can't pay my ticket and I'm running blind 

And I think I discovered I've been left behind 

Somebody wants to use my name 

It's a shame - ain't it a shame 

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