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A Person Like You Lyrics - Charity Ball - Fanny

You're not the kind of friend 

I'd like to take to home to my mother 

She wouldn't understand 

Someone I could love like a brother 

And me, i must admit 

You are not like any other - 

I have never known 

A person like you 


When I come home at night 

You're always there, waiting for me 

Climb in, turn out the light 

And tell me a bedtime story 

And me I feel so right 

I know I don't have to sorry 

It comes with you 

A person like you 


My folks say they're doubting your intentions 

You don't live according to conventions 

That's all right 

I can make with a friend like you 


My friends say i've lost my inhibitions 

We're not in the ususal positions 

That's all right 

I'm contended with a friend like you 

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