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Cat Fever Lyrics - Charity Ball - Fanny

There's a new element around the neighborhood 

And the old ones don't approve 

So the word's being sent and it is understood 

That the young ones got to move 

They got to keep their influental name 

They're not allowing us to stake a claim 

It isn't whether you can play the game, believe me 

It's whether you shine your shoes 


I was home alone when they told me about your arrival 

On the tube 

And I was glad to know that the rumours about your arrival 

Weren't true 

But now they're calling you a superstar 

You're on the air no matter where they are 

It isn't whether you can play guitar, believe me 

It's whether you make the news 


I threw a penny down the well so I could find out 

Why I was turning for the worse 

You put me under such a spell it blew my mind out 

And now I'm burning - call a nurse 

'Cause I believe I'm gonna fade away 

They will be coming for me any day 

There's nothing more than I can do or say, believe me 

I've certainly got the blues 


I got the fever 

Cat fever 

Cat fever 

Cat fever 

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