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Bottle Of You Lyrics - Big City Secrets - Joseph Arthur

I squeeze the last bit of you 

Out of a bottle of your old shampoo 

It smells just like you 

Now I do too 

Rinse out my hair and wipe my eyes 

As your soap rolls in between my toes 

Dry myself off in the moonlight 

And I can touch you 

Every time I breath in through my nose 

I wish that I had faith in you 


I watched you breath into a heartbreak 

The night we first held hands 

Your eyes they switched from blue to green 

Then they went back to being blue again 

You say you never get to sleep 

'cause all your dreams are buried in the sand 

I could barely hear you crying 

Over the buzz of our electric fan 

I wish that I had faith in you 


You're a tether ball 

Fastened to the end of my head 

Who you are and who you want to be 

Are competing at opposite ends 

And when they hit you back and forth 

You squeeze tight around my neck 

Darling I can barely breath 

But I know that you mean 

Absolutely no disrespect 

I wish that I had faith in you 


Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Sony