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Haunted Eyes Lyrics - Big City Secrets - Joseph Arthur

Your eyes are as big as a quarter when they're shining 

Your fingers reach down in my stomach lining 

Your voice sounds just like an alley cat is crying 

I got the feeling you have never once stopped trying to undress me 

You make yourself into a mirror to reflect me 

I see my eyes are shallow stones 

In a prison made of bones 

Wrapped in a bag of skin 

Highlighted by the lines of repetition 

That all my fear's been carving 


Haunted eyes 

Sing in secret 

Haunted eyes 

Are huge and empty 

Haunted eyes 

Flutter just like butterfly wings 

Haunted eyes 

They always watch you breathing 


Drenching thunder rolls right by me 

I'm only visible when you're beside me 

And what I can't possess still remains inside of me 

Its violence coming out of your mouth now 

Is at once menacing and hard to see 

Oh but finally I think I see 

That you are fat and you are flat 

You are a star in a ? ? 

You're a monster with nothing who's been chewing 

On the worm your best friend your pet fish was pursuing 


You're the only witness so if you die 

I don't think I'm considered guilty of this crime 

I take it to bed with me each and every night 

The guilt wakes me up and shades my morning light 

'cause people break 

In fact I helped you to destruct 

I'll say anything you want but I can't reconstruct 

You only tell more lies in a darker shade of white 

Hurry up and punish me so I can feel alright 

Forever, if ever, only ever, never 


Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Sony