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Good About Me Lyrics - Big City Secrets - Joseph Arthur

It's monday morning 

You miss yesterday 

Tomorrow's coming again 

So fast it's already today 

You'll never get put down 

Growing into your face 

Moving to new york city 

You got a line on getting paid 

And you got two eyes that you always shade 

Chaos and beauty 

Trying to stay together on a razor blade 

Always trying to prove you're being saved 


When they ask you what's your church 

You say I dance 

When they say whatever happened to you 

You say I never had a chance 

I'm an open book 

Come in take a look at me 

I'm a boat that won't float 

Out at sea 

And when I try to compete for a seat 

On a more expensive train 

In the end you find out 

The pain's the same as when the train was plain 


You're never giving in 

And you're sure you will win 

As soon as you know how to begin 

And with spite you scream 

I'm moving my scene 

Away from all you backwards marching human beings 

And that includes you 

'cause I know what you seem to see 

And that includes you 

'cause I don't feel good about me 

Good about me around you 


Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Sony