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Crying Like A Man Lyrics - Big City Secrets - Joseph Arthur

You must destroy 

All who you employ 

To protect your last invention 

Work hard it's destruction 

Ignore your good intention 

You must ignore the wrong voice 

Whose voice 

A peculiar choice 

Well I'm sure 

You and I can't remember 

Living like a backwards trainwreck 

Trying to disguise the deceit 

Intrinsic in our step 

When love's got us by the neck 

Why can't we just surrender 


I'll be quiet 

I won't wake you up 


Don't whine 

Drink wine 

Like terpentine 

Cleaning out your inside in line 

From your toes up through your spine 

Pretend you're a conductor 

Maestro without music 

God without man 

Me without you 

Holding your hand 

Falling like a leaf 

Crying like a man 


We silently confess through open eyes 

Setting fire to the web spun right behind 

In my mind's a spider 

And in your heart's a fly 

When you're meek you are malicious 

Somehow still suspicious 

Faithlessly religious 


Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Sony