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Joseph All The Time Lyrics - Singles - Joseph

Ooh hoo 

I get a feelin' 

Every night when you come home 

That life is sweet, yeah baby 

Sweeter than a honey comb 

And oh darlin' 

I'm so glad that you are mine 

And that you still love me after all this time 


You bring music to my soul 

Listen I can hear it play 

Sweeter than love 

And stronger with each and every passin' day 

And oh you're just like vintage wine 

'Cause it's still so good after all this time 




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I believe, I believe 

Your sweet love 

You could make a tiger tame 

Fill the desert full of rain 

Bring me joy when I'm in pain 


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Even on a cold and windy day 

I can feel my heart sing, yeah 

For the warmth and the life and the love you give 

To me it's like an early spring 

Oh, no matter what the season is 

There can be no doubt in my mind 

That I still love you after all this time 

Yes I still love you after all of this time 


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