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Who's The Thief Lyrics - Singles - Joseph


Stop, you robbers- 

Your little number's up 

One of you has stolen 

My precious golden cup 



Joseph started searching 

Through his brothers' sacks 

Everyone was nervous 

No-one could relax 



Who's the thief? 

Who's the thief? 

Who's the thief? 

Who's the thief? 




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(Narrator & Children) 

Is it Reuben? No 

Is it Simeon? No 

Is it Napthali? No 

Is it Dan? No 

Is it Asher? No 

Is it Isaachar? No 

Is it Levi? No 

Who's the man? 

Is it Zebulon? No 

Is it Gad? No 

Is it Judah? No 

Is it him? 



Could it be, could it be 

Could it be, could it be 

Could it be, could it be 


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Could it possibly be Benjamin? 



Yes yes yes 


Benjamin, you nasty youth 

Your crime has shocked me to the core 

Never in my whole career 

Have I encountered this before 

Guards, seize him! Lock him in a cell 

Throw the keys into the Nile as well 



Each of the brothers fell to his knees 



Show him some mercy, oh mighty one, please 

He would not do that, he must have been framed 

Jail us and beat us, we should blamed 

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