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Pharao's Dream Explained Lyrics - Singles - Joseph


Seven years of bumper crops are on their way 

Years of plenty, endless wheat and tons of hay 

Your farms will boom, there won't be room 

To store the surplus food you grow 

After that, the future doesn't look so bright 

Egypt's luck will change completely overnight 

And famine's hand will stalk the land 

With food an all-time low 

Noble king, there is no doubt 

What your dreams are all about 

All these things you saw in your pajamas 

Are a long range forecast for your farmers 




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(Joseph, Female Ensemble & Children) 

And I'm sure it's crossed your mind 

What it is you have to find 

Find a man to lead you through the famine 

With a flair for economic planning 

But who this man could be 

I just don't know 

Who this man could be 

I just don't know 

Who this man could be 

I just don't know 


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