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Poor Poor Pharao Lyrics - Singles - Joseph


Guess what? In his bed Pharaoh 

Had an uneasy night 

He had had a dream that pinned him 

To his sheets with fright 

No-one knew the meaning of this dream 

What to do, whatever could it mean 


Then his butler said 



I know of a bloke in jail 

Who is hot on dreams 

Could explain old Pharaoh's tale 




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Pharaoh said 



Well fetch this Joseph man 

I need him to help me if he can 


(Narrator & Ensemble) 

Poor, poor Pharaoh 

What'cha gonna do 

Dreams are haunting you, hey 

What'cha gonna do 


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Chained and bound, afraid, alone 

Joseph stood before the throne 



My service to Pharaoh has begun 

Tell me your problems, mighty one 

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