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Evil Speaks Lyrics - Singles - Leather Strip

Dangerous lies about my life 

Crawling up behind my back 

Pitiful eyes looking down on me 

Carefully they rip my flag 

Take me to the room 

Where the weak are strong 

This is the place 

Where I might belong 

Lock me up in chains 

So I can't break free 

Cover up my eyes 

So I can not see 


Walking through the broken glass 

You know that your feet will bleed 

Holding all your secrets back 

You know that evil speaks 


Innocent souls in dark disguise 

Hiding from the grinding shame 


Holding back the words 

They want to hear 

Searching for the one to blame 

Show me where the night 

Never fades to dawn 

Forget the place where the dreams come from 

Bring me to the edge 

Of the deepest hole 

Push me in the back 

So I can free my soul