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Nothing Seen Nothing Lyrics - Singles - Leather Strip

Thrown to the lions 

By forceful demands 

Rupture your pride 

With the sword in your hand 

Eating the raw meat 

With greedy delight 

Hunt down the bastards 

You've got them in sight 

It's no illusion 

This blood is for real 

This trick can destroy you 

Just feel it, it's real 

Drinking your own piss 

To keep up your strength 

You shit in a hole 

Just to keep off the stench 


Don't make it your life 

Step away 


Choking the dogs 

Just to kill off the time 

Raping the housewives 


The pleasure is mine 

Such a nice boy 

With your dick in his hand 

A gun to his head 

Makes you feel like a man