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Strap Me Down Lyrics - Singles - Leather Strip

I'm in the darkness 

Chasing fear 

But there is only one thing 

I can't get near 

It's breathing down 

My fragile neck 

I can taste it's salty sweat 

It's getting closer everytime 

But I can't look back now 

It's all in my mind 

I see a landscape 

Shaped in lights 

But it's fading away now 

It can't be right 


Strap me down with disillusion 

Tie me up in lifelines 

Nothing stops my thought from breeding 

Nothing's stopping my mind 


All these temptations 

Testing my trust 


Are closing in now 

To fight my lust 

These horny voices 

Boil in my brain 

They want to show me 

The force of pain