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I Am Your Conscience Lyrics - Singles - Leather Strip

Guilt will embrace your soul 

With two hands around your neck 

You try to scream but your throat is too dry 

They give you no answers 

They just stare with empty eyes 

You try to sleep but you're drowning in sweat 

Life has no meaning 

When you're crawling to get ahead 

You are the slave they will spit in your eyes 

The voices inside your head 

Keep telling you to prepare 

You'll never know when your time has come 


I am your conscience 

So you better start looking at me 


I will surround your dreams 

I will ignore your screams 


Lust will control your mind 

And eat up the rest of you 

There is no one left to fulfill your fantasies 

You can't escape from the powers inside 

You'll never see me 

Never count me out 

I'm in your thoughts 

Like a tumor 

I can destroy you 

I can kill your dreams 

I'm like the needle 

In your hungry eyes