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Passing Through Lyrics - Jaggedland - Marshall Crenshaw

In our old shoes, we walked last night 

Sparkling concrete under the lights 

Traffic sounds, bouncing off the steel and glass 

We traced our steps from the past 


Shadows in the curtains on the second floor 

I used to have a key to that front door 

We didn't know it then 

But you and I were just passing through 

Passing by 


Let's hurry on 

No use standing and staring, hurry on 

I thought I heard you say, let's walk on 

We really can't stay 

We're just passing through this way 


This world is moving and changing always 

We'd better be about new days 

For as long as we may, we're just passing through 

Just passing through this way 


In our old shoes we walked last night 

Ghosts of old friends on the left and right 

Being there with you gave me a thrill 

Like it used to do and always will 


We've got dreams to dream, places left to go 

When we'll be back there, I don't know 

Maybe sometime before we're done 

On some other trip around the sun 


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