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Stormy River Lyrics - Jaggedland - Marshall Crenshaw

Your eyes are brown like a stormy river 

Your words they twist like a stormy river 

You turn to ice like a stormy river in the winter 

In the winter, stormy river, stormy river is you 


It's a bitter wind that's raging in you 

In you so long you no longer hear it 

It sweeps across the floor of your spirit 

Stormy river, stormy river is you 


I'm gonna get far away, get far away fast 

'Cause the future looks just like the past 

You can't help but leave damage in your midst 

I've got no time left in my life for this 


Rain comes down like cannonballs 

The thunder crashes, the engine stalls 

The lightning hits the electric tower 

In the midnight hour, stormy river 

Stormy river is you 


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