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Sunday Blues Lyrics - Jaggedland - Marshall Crenshaw

I wish I could go walking 

Walk out of this place 

Maybe see a friendly face 

But it's raining and raining 


I'm looking down from below 

From a thirteenth floor window 

It's Sunday afternoon, the sky is ugly grey 

I'm here or down there 

Right now it's bad news either way 


Well, I can't stay 

So I guess I'll go out there anyhow 

What I don't want right now is 

A day of reflection and solitude 

With this bitter mood, I'm in again 


I tried to call you on the phone 

Now I'm stir crazed enough 

To go walking in the rain alone 


I heard the last church bell's ring 

And got the Sunday blues 

For this and that and everything 

The Sunday blues 


That feeling goes stealing down to your shoes 

In my head and in my heart 

The Sunday blues 


I'm on the wrong side of Sunday 

Can't get away from dark thoughts today 

I've been made blue, been lied to 


But enough's enough 

I don't need this stuff ok? 

Regret and rage, just go back to underground 

Mean old Sunday blues, I've had it with you hanging 'round 


Yeah, alright I'm done with the Sunday blues 

Everyone now and then has to play and lose 

So I'll waste no more tears on last year's news 

'Til the next time around with the Sunday blues 


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