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Someone Told Me Lyrics - Jaggedland - Marshall Crenshaw

Well, someone told me, tried to tell me 

It sounded backwards and upside down 

Someone told me something 

That really messed my head around 


And I wondered sadly 

I sadly wondered 

Could we ever be on common ground? 


Read and listen, I watch and listen 

It's like a train wreck and I can't turn away 

So many worlds colliding 

Everywhere, every day 


People looking at the same things 

All the same things 

Them in conflicting ways 


Well, if you see me walking down the avenue 

Call my name and I just stare a hole through you 

Please don't worry about me 'cause I'm really fine 

Sometimes I just get lost inside my mind 


Someone told me, tried to tell me 

He was dressed and painted like a clown 

Someone told me something 

Tried to mess my head around 

Around and round 


But I had a feeling he knew 

That his words were untrue 

We'll never be on common ground 


Well, I know a man you can't own up to the things he's done 

He's got no sense of honor and never did have one 

Where would he be without a wall to hide behind? 

I'm glad I'm not the one living in his mind 


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