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Cockroach Lyrics - Come To Where I'm From - Joseph Arthur

You're putting poison here 

You're putting poison here 

And now you're a cockroach 

Crawling on bones 

Pretending your war 

Has already been won 


You never give anything 

To any human being 

Unless they 

Give you something in return 

If you get burned 

You're gonna burn 


And when you finally go away 

I'm already gone 

And when you finally say what you say 

I'm singing this song 


Your heads in quite a fix 

The demon you never resist is coming 

And he's leaning against your front door 

The neighbors are asking you what it's all for 

And still you could never admit 

That maybe you could have prevented destruction 

As it came out of your very core 

My friend you are starting to become a bore 


Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Sony