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Invisible Hands Lyrics - Come To Where I'm From - Joseph Arthur

There are things we cannot know 

Invisible hands which guide the show from up above 

And sometimes you are forced to go 

Far away and shut the door 

On the one you love 

Well I don't know now where you are 

Your photograph sits like a scar against my wall 

Such a pretty face 

The sunshine in your eyes 

Taken on that day 

When all we had was love 


Shut the light on me 


Now jesus he came down here just to die for all my sins 

I need him to come back here and die for me again 

Cause I cannot forgive myself for what it is I've done 

Avoiding your memory like a vampire does the sun 

And all I want's your love 

All I want's your love 


Shut the light on me 


Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Sony