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Speed Of Light Lyrics - Come To Where I'm From - Joseph Arthur

Good night new orleans 

Things are exactly as they seem 

But I'm nowhere around 

Hello mexico 

You're where I was told to go 

If I don't want to be found 

There's no end to the winter 

Waking at the break of dawn 

In the middle of summer 

Living at the speed of light 


Someday we may 

See each other and look the other way 

But I'll love you just the same 

And if you hate your life 

Just remember there used to be a time 

When we could not feel a thing 


In my heart is a hunger 

I will never give away 

Just try and stop from going under 

'till the dawn of judgment day 

Living at the speed of light 

Living at the speed of light 

Living at the speed of light 

And burning your love on the way 

Burning your love away 


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