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History Lyrics - Come To Where I'm From - Joseph Arthur

You're the shaded sun 

You're daddy's broken gun 

You're the loneliest moon 

You are a butterfly dreaming about your cocoon 

You're the only sound when I am blind 

So I label you mine 


You're the house you grew up in 

You're always just arriving at your end 

You're your mama's shit eatin' grin and your daddy's double chin 

You're the first pair of shoes you ever went to school in 

And you're the kid pretending she's in prison 

Behind the bars of a jungle gym 


Someone's gonna give you wings 

And you'll think it's what you need 

And you'll fly 

You'll be so high 


But you're history acts as your gravity 

Your history acts as your gravity 

Acts as your history acts as your gravity 


You're the only one you ever believe in 

You're the solution and you are the problem 

You're a rapist and your only victim 

You are fact and you are fiction 

Ou're the only one you've considered a friend 

And now you're alive 

Waiting for your life to begin 



You try to find you, you who is lost 

But your hooked to the rush of approaching chaos 

You're king for a minute but a fool for an hour 

Alone in your room 

You are a closed flower 

Dreams of your shadow you're going to destroy 

The way you handle yourself 

Like an unbreakable toy 


Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Sony