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A Grave Among The Trees Lyrics - Singles - Reverend Bizarre

I am now leading my path sanctified for departure 

into the shrine where I once summoned thee 

I am sealing my destiny to become forgotten 

carrying this knife as a final key 


I feel like a flower dropping its petals 

grass once so green turning red 

Something has come to an end 

before Sun wakens... 

I'll be dead! 


When I am attaining the end of my course 

my weak flesh is crying for relief 

Time has come to complete the trial 

forest is offering me her sanctuary 


God forgive me 

doing this lewdness, 

dismembering myself, 

word once made flesh 


But I am too tired 

yearning something never been born, 

to life to bring - for me! 


There shall be the end for my dying 

There shall be the end for my life 

For my life