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Burn In Hell Lyrics - Singles - Reverend Bizarre

You're a man with thousand faces 

Every day another mask 

You creep within dark places 

Implementing a dreadful task 

You act like a man of mission 

But to whom do you believe? 

Don't you talk to me about Jesus 

'Cause every word is blasphemy 


Absorbed in your own mind 

This is how you wish to be 

Thinking you are one of a kind 

An apostle of all misery 

You speak in mystic language 

Utterly with no meaning 

Those who follow you 

I guess they must be dreaming 


Let them crawl at your feet 

You're a king on your Throne of Greed 


Just turn your back 

To the One who wept 

Don't even think about 

The promises unkept 


I hope you'll burn in Hell 

Because you're an evil man 

Your heart belongs to the Devil 

When will you understand? 


You bastard 

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Copyright: Emi Music Publishing